Life is beautiful, and each day people are craving to start a relationship with someone without knowing exactly what relationship is all about.

There’s a longing in the heart of a man to connect with people, and a desire to love and feel loved in return, and the desire to express or fulfil this desire in a relationship.

So the need to feel loved is a silent longing in all human beings. It’s a longing that continues throughout our lifetime, and a lack of fulfilment of this innate desire, can cause you to feel inferior, and probably lead you into a depressed state.

You need to know what to be in a relationship really means, so you will know what to expect when you finally begin one. So if you are yet to know what being in a relationship really means, then this article is for you.

Below are what it means to be in a relationship means:

1. Having a companion:

Having a companion goes beyond having someone around you, it means having someone to connect with. Someone you can talk to about anything and everything without feeling judged or condemned.

A relationship is about having someone to share your intimate moments with!

2. Having a strengthener:

We all have a time in life where we feel low or weak and yearn for some strength. When you have someone who believes in you, motivates and inspires you despite your shortcomings, it strengthens you.

A relationship is all about finding someone you can be strong together and encouraging each other daily. The idea is to love someone that will do everything possible to cover your weaknesses. The bible called this iron sharpens iron!

3. Having someone who understands you:

One of the key values of being in a relationship is to find someone who understands you and accepts you just the way you are. Someone who understands the good and ugly past of your life and ready to build the future together with you.

4. Having someone to grow together with:

A relationship is about having someone to grow with, someone to invest and build wealth with if possible. Every relationship should offer you the encouragement to grow individually and together.

5. Having someone to help you:

There’s a common saying that “Two heads are better than one”. 

Life has lots of challenges staring at us each day of our lives, and it becomes easy to solve these challenges when you have someone as a partner to help you solve them by shielding you from the shame and building you up in the secret.


6. Having someone who knows and believes in your purpose:

To be in a relationship is to have someone who believes in your dreams and plans in life, and pushes you to be bold enough to be better each day and be strong enough to achieve them.

7. Having someone who corrects you in love:

Genuine love corrects and being in a relationship is to have someone who corrects you in love. Having someone who corrects you genuinely without faking it.

Being in a relationship is to have someone who won’t give you a blind eye or a deaf ear when you are doing the wrong thing or going the wrong way. Having someone that won’t hesitate to tell you the truth no matter what.

8. Having someone who cares and loves you:

To be in a relationship is to be in love.

To be in love is to share your heart with someone special. Someone that won’t reject you nor deny you attention, someone that will always attend to your tears, pains and give you a shoulder to lean on.

9. Having someone who gives you a listening ear:

We have lots of things in our heart to say, and we crave for someone that will listen to us always without giving us the busy attitude.

To be in a relationship is to have someone who takes pleasure in listening to you when you talk.

A relationship is sweet when we have someone who would listen to us always irrespective of what we say. Someone always available to hear us talk to them just about anything and everything.

10. Having someone who encourages you to be yourself:

The foundation of any relationship always begins with the individual, and a relationship is about having someone that encourages you to be yourself.

Having someone that will always want you to love yourself without feeling interior about it. Any relationship that doesn’t offer you the opportunity to feel good about yourself, isn’t worth sacrificing your heart about.

11. About sacrifices:

To be in a relationship is to build a union where sacrifices are celebrated.

In a relationship, you learn to sacrifice your time, money, emotions for the one you love.

12. Having someone you are committed to:

When you say you are in a relationship, you are equally saying you are committed to someone.

A relationship is all about being committed to someone you love emotionally, mentally and otherwise.

Being in a relationship goes far beyond emotional display, but is deeply rooted in commitment.

13. Having someone who draws you closer to God:

If you are a Christian, a relationship is having someone who encourages you to be closer to God daily.

Having someone that encourages you to uphold and become stronger in the things of God. And always there to challenge you to study your bible daily, pray, fast and grow in your personal work and walk with God.

Anything about the things of God just excites the person, and he or she wants to replicate this excitement in your life.

Go through the listed points above to become familiar with them so you won’t have a wrong view of what it means to be in a relationship. And if you have any further points of what it means to be in a relationship, do well to comment on them in the comment section.

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