A relationship involves two or more people with a common interest, and it is mostly between a boy and a girl. These are persons who have been exposed to different environmental upbringing, hence their perception of life is different, and since their perception is different, there will always be some level of misunderstanding in the relationship.

A relationship can be one of the most beautiful experiences of life, but if the relationship isn’t built on understanding, it can be an unhealthy experience for you. So what makes a healthy relationship?

Many lovely relationships that were the talk of the town broke up, and some beautiful married couples have separated, not because they don’t love themselves but because they don’t understand themselves. Misunderstanding is the root cause of many failed relationships and marriages.

Understanding is one major factor that binds and sustains a relationship together and creates the right atmosphere for love to grow. No matter the level of love you have for your spouse, if you both don’t understand each other, that love will naturally fade away. Understanding deepens love!

Love is not enough!

Have you considered marrying someone who understands you? Have you thought of dating someone who understands your emotions? To build a lasting relationship, you need to understand that love is not enough.

Love is powerful in a relationship when there’s a willingness to understand each other. You don’t need to understand people to love them, but you need to understand people to build a lasting relationship with them.

Love is beautiful and sweet but love on its own, cannot hold a relationship together, it needs the involvement of understanding to stand the test of time.

Love brings people together, but understanding keeps them together in love.

Love is pleasant, but it loses its value when the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t understand you.

You may ask, what then is the need for love if it doesn’t guarantee the success of the relationship? When couples constantly fight each other, soon one or both parties will lose interest in the relationship, and guess what! The love will naturally lose its taste!

Understanding makes love honorable and satisfying. You can easily express your love to any extent when the person you love understands you.


What is understanding?

Understanding is the ability to comprehend someone and relate to the person accordingly. It is to be more aware, sensitive, and initiative with the people we love.

It’s hard to communicate with someone you don’t understand and not have issues with them.

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Understanding will make you study someone carefully, observing their strength and weakness so you can relate with them properly because if you don’t do that, you may likely have issues with them.

It’s easier to relate to someone you understand because, without understanding, you won’t be able to love someone wholeheartedly.

If you love and don’t understand, you will have lots of conflicts in your relationship. And once conflicts rule over your relationship, you will naturally grow apart. The more you fight and quarrel with your partner, the less love and affection you will feel for your partner.


One of the proof to say you love someone is that you are more careful in relating to them because you understand them.

Understanding will make you more careful, calculative, and observant when dealing with someone. It will make you think of the other person’s standing point more than yours.

Understanding is the binding force that keeps couples together because the more they understand themselves, the fewer conflicts they will have, the deeper the love between them, and the closer they become.

It is hard for a relationship ruled by understanding to break up.

Do you want your partner to find your presence welcoming, always looking forward to spending time with you? Then develop the attribute of understanding because it pays to build such a welcoming environment in your relationship.

Understanding is a mental and deliberate work because you don’t wish for its establishment, but you work hard to see its reality in your relationship.

Do you want the love in your relationship to grow stronger in your relationship?

Do you want your relationship to last longer?

Do you want to have peace of mind in your relationship? Then strive to establish an understanding in your relationship.

So it’s not too late to put things right in your relationship with your spouse or date because you both can do this.

Now that you have gotten a general idea of what understanding is in a relationship and how useful it is to help the love in your relationship grow, you need to learn how to build understanding in your relationship.

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