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1. It creates the right atmosphere for love to grow.

2. It builds the bond of friendship in a relationship.

3. It creates peace and security.

4. It builds the excitement and romance in the relationship.

5. It strengthens the relationship.


A relationship, no matter the length of it, can be a very pleasant experience of your life, but it can also be the worst nightmare of your life if it lacks understanding.

We mostly tag someone as being incompatible with us when they don’t understand us.

Lack of understanding has been the major cause of most broken marriages and relationships that started very well.

Understanding is a unique ingredient in a relationship because it gives the relationship a unique taste.


Understanding has a positive effect on a relationship regardless of the length of it, and it’s a good thing to know what understanding does in a relationship.

Below are some effects or benefits of understanding in a relationship.


1. It creates the right atmosphere for love to grow:

Just the way a seed doesn’t grow itself unless it’s planted in the right soil, so also love needs the right atmosphere to grow because love is a seed.

Understanding creates the right atmosphere for love to grow because love does not grow on its own. That you have a mango seed in your hand doesn’t mean the seed is growing, neither do you have a mango fruit with you. Until you plant the seed in the right soil and water it regularly, it won’t grow; so it is with love. Love needs the right atmosphere to grow.

No matter the level of love you have for your spouse or partner, without understanding in that relationship, that love won’t grow to the point or level you desire.

Every quarrel you have with your spouse or partner isn’t because of lack of love, but because of lack of understanding.

If you are sincere enough with yourself, you see that the more you and your partner understand each other, the less quarrels you both will have. 

The more arguments and quarrels you both have, the less love and attraction you both will feel for each other.

Understanding can make love grow; the more you understand your partner, the better your relationship will be. Love gets better when understanding gets better and deeper.

Lack of understanding weakens love and denies love the right atmosphere to grow.

It’s easier to grow in love with someone who understands you than someone who doesn’t. Nothing secures love for your partner or spouse like understanding.

Understanding deepens love!

2. It builds the bond of friendship in the relationship :

A friend is someone you love to spend time with, talk to always, and just feel like doing some crazy things together. Someone you just have the freedom to be yourself and do anything without having the feeling of being judged. But you can’t be free in the company of someone who doesn’t understand you.

One of the priceless gifts you will ever give to your spouse or partner is the freedom of expression.

Becoming friends with your spouse or partner is the secret to a lasting relationship. When a relationship is formed, all you guys will do is knowing each other and bonding as friends.

It’s easier to bond with your partner or spouse as friends and enjoy your time with the person when understanding rules the relationship.

If your relationship lacks friendship with your spouse or partner, that relationship won’t stand the test of time. Because there might be days when you might get angry with the person you love, and don’t feel like talking to him or her, but because you have built the bond of friendship in the relationship, it will pull you both back together.

When there’re frequent quarrels and fights in your relationship, it creates a tense atmosphere that will mostly affect the friendship and kills the relationship.

When you fall in love, strive for understanding because the more understanding rules in your relationship, the freer and closer you will be to your spouse.

3. It creates Peace and Security:

Understanding is one major factor that helps in creating peace and security in a relationship.

I am sure one of your needs or desire for love or a relationship is to be at peace and feel secure with the one you love. But a tensed environment can’t offer you such peace and security.

When you are constantly quarreling with your partner, you feel withdrawn because it’s affecting your peace of mind, and neither do you feel comfortable in the relationship.

Many relationships have broken up not because love wasn’t present in the relationship, but because one party wasn’t feeling comfortable in the relationship anymore.

When peace and security becomes a scarce commodity in your relationship, breakup is not faraway.

The more understanding rules in your relationship, the fewer conflicts you will have, and the more peaceful and secure you will be in that relationship.

When there’s a sense of security and comfort in your relationship, the attraction for your partner will get deeper, because we are attracted to an environment where we feel secure and comfortable.

4. It builds the excitement and romance in the relationship:

Do you feel excited and romantic in a relationship where conflicts rule the relationship? I know your answer will be a no because one only becomes excited and romantic in a relationship where understanding rules the relationship.

We are naturally excited about someone who understands us because it makes it easy to express our love to the extent we want to.

5. It strengthens the relationship:

One thing that happens when conflicts prevail in a relationship is that one or both parties will naturally lose the interest to continue the relationship, and that often leads to the end of the relationship.

Misunderstanding weakens any relationship because it kills your interest and willpower to continue the relationship. But when understanding prevails in the relationship, there’s this joy within you to want to continue the relationship and do everything possible to protect its existence.

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