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1. Know yourself
a. Know your purpose
b. Understand your emotions.

2. Defined what you want.

3. Be ready for the good, bad and ugly.

4. Be discipline.



Relationships are exciting and lovely but as an individual entering a relationship, there are certain things you need to know and put in place before you agree to begin a relationship with anyone otherwise the outcome won’t be friendly to you.

Before you say yes to a relationship, you need to know these four things.

1. Know yourself:

Before you begin a journey or relationship with someone, it’s wise to spend time in knowing yourself because doing that will make you know the person you need to date or begin a relationship with.

The success of your relationship, to a large extent, depends on how well you love yourself.

Love and know yourself better because that's the foundation any relationship is build onel.

One reason some person’s fall for any kind of person that comes their way, is because they are yet to know and understand who they are.

Spend time to understand your emotional components, your likes and dislikes because it will help you in your relationship decisions.

As a single person, one of your core assignments in life is to understudy yourself. To know what you have been destined for, identify your potential and your value system because a relationship isn’t something you just enter for the fun of it.

Who you date should reveal your kind of person.

  • Know your purpose: Before God gave Adam a woman, he first gave him a purpose, and when the woman came, she came to help him fulfil his purpose. So before you begin a relationship, know your purpose first. Knowing your purpose will help shape your decision and help you know the person to give access into your heart.
  • Understand Your Emotions: Understanding your emotions as a single person is an excellent tool because it will help you in making the right decision. For example, if you are the hot temper kind of person, it isn’t advisable to go into a relationship with someone that is hot temper because you both will burn yourself out with anger. Who you date should compliment your emotions.

It’s important you spend time to know and understand yourself very well because you will attract your kind.

If you don’t understand yourself, you will end up confused when relationship requests start coming.

2. Define what you want:

You may end up dating the wrong person if you don’t define what you want in a relationship.

I have seen some people rush into a relationship without defining what they hope or want in the relationship. And when they realize their mistakes, they fight so hard to define it, and most times it’s rather too late.

So before you rush or begin that next relationship, sit down and define what you want from that relationship as an individual.

3. Be ready for the good, bad and ugly:

Some people enter a relationship with beautiful thoughts and a rosy mentality that everything will be a smooth ride just the way they’ve fantasied it to be.

It’s good to have beautiful thoughts about relationships but also know that amid these beautiful thoughts there will be some roughness, because you aren’t entering a relationship with a perfect person but an imperfect person. So because a person isn’t perfect, you will encounter some level of challenges and you need to be ready to deal with them.

4. Be discipline:

Relationship matters will demand lots of discipline from you because you may encounter some challenging situations that may cause you to lose your cool.

Also, there are lots of distractions that often occur that might want to distract you from your relationship, but you need to be disciplined to stay focus.

So before you agree to begin a relationship, work on yourself to be focus and self-controlled because relationship will demand lots from you.

I hope this piece was helpful, and if there are points you feel I should have added, please do well to comment them below.

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  1. Always love reading your post 💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Very correct,I remember when my roommate got hurt from her ex and she always talk to him after that and the More she get hurt.

    The question is what if the person that hurt you is attending the same church with you ,does that mean you should leave the church or environment forever???

    1. Thanks for your comment but you should have commented it under the heartbreak topic.

      Anyways, Let me use myself as example. When I was in school, I dated a lady who later broke up with me because of a guy in the same fellowship with me, he lived in the same street with me, in fact we all attended the same fellowship and lived close, so there wasn't anyway for me to avoid them. This is what i did!

      Whenever I saw them together walking towards me, I just greet them while smiling and walk away. If I see the lady coming towards me, I will start conversation with another lady. One time she came and same she wanted to talk to me and told her I am having a meeting with people and i can't leave them because of her but she can wait. And it helped a lot.

      For the lady, there's no point leaving the church but she should stop every special treatment she used to give him before. Let her get busy after church if she can't go home immediately, and she needs to be strict about.

      I believe I have answered you question but if you are not yet satisfied, you can ask for more clarity.

      Please do well to follow the page. Thank you!



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