There are different reasons, levels and desires why we seem to form a relationship mostly with the opposite sex.

These cravings can make us make lots of mistakes if these desires are not checked properly.

These are 6 basic reasons people enter a relationship.

1. Peer Pressure:

Friends have a way of pressuring you into starting a relationship against your wish, and some persons aren’t strong to withstand the influence.

Some time ago, I was talking to a lady who was desperate about starting a relationship.

When I asked her the reason for the desperation, she said all her friends are in a relationship and she is the only one left. And the friends are tormenting her with it.

Most times, entering a relationship because of peer pressure does not end well for the individual because the person isn’t entering because she wants to, but because the environment is compelling her to.

It’s not a crime to be single rather, celebrate your singlehood, because it’s the best time to know yourself better, identify your visions and plans in life.

2. Loneliness:

Some persons just can’t handle being lonely because it makes them feel frustrated and disorganized, mentally and otherwise. And for this reason, they crave a relationship.

The funny part of this reason is they place an unnecessary demand for attention from the person they are dating because they need the person to be available all the time to satisfy their lonely state.

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Loneliness is a natural thing that occurs more often as a single person, and you need to learn how to handle it because even when you are in a relationship, you will still feel lonely sometimes.

For me, It’s not wrong to get lonely, but it’s wrong to start a relationship to avoid being lonely because If you start a relationship because of loneliness, you are most prone to jump from one relationship to another and end up feeling empty.

3. Material Benefits:

The only reason some persons consider starting a relationship is for the sake of marriage. And it’s not a bad idea.

From the beginning of the relationship, they demand to know where the relationship is heading, they just want to know their stand in it.

These are the persons that won’t think twice to end a relationship if they are not seeing any positive future in the relationship.

Having a marital view about relationships isn’t a bad idea, but making that your focus can hurt you along the line because they can deceive you. Healthy friendship should be what you should focus on!

Marital decisions are usually born out of a healthy friendship. 

5. For Fun:

Some person sees the relationship as fun and nothing serious because they see everything as a game.

To them, they begin a relationship to have all the fun they want to have and walk through the back door of the relationship to start a new one, not minding if anyone gets hurt or not.

It’s a risk to start a relationship with these persons because no matter the level of sacrifices you put into the relationship, they will still see it as part of the game.

6. For Motivation and Growth:

Also, some persons begin a relationship for motivation and growth purposes. They just need someone that will constantly inspire them and motivate them to grow.

These are the people that won’t just date anyone that comes around them. Before they say yes to anyone, they would have to analyze the person’s level of reasoning, his intellectual level, and the person’s pursuit in life.

In the Bible, it’s written that “iron sharpens iron”. A relationship should create the right platform for motivation and growth.

Every genuine relationship should present you with some level of motivation and lead you in the part of growth. No one wishes to begin a relationship that won’t expose the best in them.

A relationship should have the tendencies to motivate you to grow beyond your past, create a level ground to be better at the things you good at, and make you a better person than you were before you entered that relationship.

So they begin a relationship with someone who’s motivated about life, someone who’s committed to making his or her own life better because only a motivated and a growing person can offer you a motivating atmosphere to grow.

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