Building understanding in a relationship is a beautiful thing, and it comes with lots of challenging events, and if you aren’t prepared for it, it will drown you.

One factor that will help you break through these challenging events in your relationship is the act of asking good questions because it will help you always.

Asking questions is a basic activity of human life, and also a vital aspect of communication because, without it, communication to a large extent loses its flare.

A good questioning skill is very important to have good communication in relationships because it helps to give you a proper understanding of situations.

There are certain situations you find yourself where things look clumsy, if you don’t humble yourself and ask open-ended questions, you won’t know what’s going on.

There are certain conflicts you will naturally avoid in your relationship if you are always asking questions.

Don’t Assume!

Don’t assume you know why your partner or spouse is acting strangely towards you because assumption damages our capacity to relate properly most times.

Assumptions damage our capacity to relate to others effectively.

If you are always assuming you know why your spouse or others think and feel, you are indirectly stopping yourself from listening and communicating effectively, and end up leaving them trapped or misunderstood.

Ask Questions!

Certain times your spouse or partner might make some kind of statement capable of causing conflicts, don’t react to it, but respond to know the reason behind it by asking questions.

If you don’t know why your spouse or date is displaying a certain emotion or statements you don’t like, ask questions to create room for explanations because it helps to clear the atmosphere.

Assumptions hurt us more than the mistakes of our partner.

So before you assume that your spouse or someone is acting in a certain way because of some reason you are not sure of, do yourself a favour by asking questions, because if you don’t, you might miss out on making your spouse or someone understood.

There are many benefits of asking questions, but for this write-up, we will look at a few. Below are the 6 benefits of asking questions in a relationship.

1. To gain information:

Getting the right information set you above a problem, it gives you a victorious upper hand over any confusing situation you may encounter in your relationship.

The doorway to gaining information is asking questions. A person who asks questions will never lose his way because asking good questions will solve any form of confusion.

One way to settle conflicts in your relationship is to have a piece of information about the conflict and what lead to it because a problem is half solved when you know the reason for the problem.

Instead of brooding over a situation you have no answer to, ask a question that will allow your partner to feed you with what is bothering her, because when you know what caused the issue, then you can solve the issue peacefully.

So if you are one of those who are fond of saying you ask too many questions, stop it because those who ask questions seek to gain knowledge.

2. Enhances understanding:

If you don’t understand a matter in your relationship, ask questions until you understand it well enough.

Often when someone says “you won’t understand”, I usually ask them this question “Do you understand anything that has no explanation?” and their response is usually “NO”. I ask that question because it’s wrong to tell someone he won’t understand because it’s an intellectual insult to the person’s ability to comprehend things.

So asking the right questions gives you the right answer that will improve your understanding of that matter.

3. Helps in better decision-making:

Asking questions makes you knowledgeable, and that knowledge helps you in making the right decisions.

The right answers you get to your questions will affect the decisions you make next.

4. It helps to clarify your thoughts:

Asking questions helps to clarify your doubts. If your spouse or date says something you don’t understand, it’s wise to ask questions for clarity than for you to make unsafe assumptions that might hurt you mentally.

5. It shows your interest in your partner:

Asking questions allows us to find out what is going on with our partners, to commune and get to know them better.

Your spouse might display emotions or things that are bothering him, and until you ask what’s wrong, he may not tell you what’s going on because your interest isn’t there. But when you ask questions, your spouse will be at ease to discuss the issue with you.

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When you ask to know what’s bothering your partner, you are letting them know you are interested in their wellbeing.

Some persons won’t have the freedom to go deeper into a matter until the person they are communicating with asks open-ended questions.

6. Clears doubts:

Certain times we find ourselves in a place where we are just being suspicious about everything. In such situations, it’s vitally important to ask your spouse or dates the right questions to clear your suspicious and doubts. If you get the right answers to your questions, it will clear your doubts.

When you can correctly identify an emotion your partner or someone is displaying, or understand why he or she is feeling a certain way, you can respond to their needs more effectively.

Relationship issues or difficulties not well managed can lead one to low self-esteem or depression.

I trust God this piece of information was helpful to you, and if you know any other benefit of asking questions in a relationship not listed in this article, please comment on them in the comment section.

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