Heartbreak is a painful emotional experience, an individual encounters after the breakup of a love relationship.

It’s a feeling some persons find it hard to overcome because they have invested all their emotions in the relationship, hoping the relationship will end well.

For some, they find it hard to love another because the memory of the relationship and the breakup is still fresh in their mind, more like the memory still hunts them.

Only those you love can hurt you.

As an individual undergoing a heartbreak experience, you need to learn how to deal with it to regain yourself back because if you don’t,
 it may end up becoming an emotional pattern and hindrances to you later on in life.

Some proven steps will naturally help you overcome the heartbreak experience.

Below are the 6 practical steps of overcoming heartbreak.


One of the reasons some people find it hard to overcome the pain of heartbreak is because everything still looks like a dream to them. They never expected the outcome to be what it is.

Accept the fact that the person you love has broken up with you even though it’s painful, that’s the first major step to take to overcome the experience.


Another practical step to take is treating everything you both shared as a thing of the past.

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I know the relationship was colourful, lovely and full of wonderful memories but for your own peace of mind, convince yourself that all that beautiful experiences are now in the past. 
Because if you don’t do that, you will wallow in pain when the other person is probably enjoying his or her life somewhere else.

As long as you keep relating with your past, you can’t move forward emotionally.


Naturally, you will want to shut yourself up against the world because every reasonable thing won’t make sense to you at this point, and taking solace in the dark will be the next option to take. But that isn’t a wise decision!

Emotional healing is not in the dark!

Force yourself to move out and be among people who care about you because that’s the best thing to do at this point.

Some years ago, a lady who once lived in my location back then. took her own life because the guy she was in love with called off their wedding plans, and she couldn’t withstand the pains.

One day she isolated herself from the surrounding people, and she hung herself.

One reason you should avoid isolating yourself is nothing may sincerely make sense to you, and suicidal thoughts may creep into your mind.

Do everything you can to avoid being isolated. Take some vacation, travel to spend some time with your family or friends, so they will help distract your mind. Your peace of mind should be paramount to you.


You should try everything possible to regain your sanity at all costs.

While working at the federal medical centre, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, at the psychiatric department, I heard a story of a young man who went insane because of heartbreak. They admitted him to the psychiatric department, and it restored his sanity.

But after a while, he fell in love with another lady, and they were planning their wedding, but along the line, someone told the bride to be the guy’s medical history, and she called off the wedding arrangements. The guy couldn’t withstand the shock of everything, and he went insane again the second time, and was admitted again in the psychiatric department”.

That’s why you shouldn’t hide your past from your partnerIf they can’t cope with your past, let them go.

Regaining your sanity should be your top priority at this point because if you are not healing emotionally, and become peaceful mentally, it may affect your decision making regarding your next relationship.

3 ways to regain your sanity.

a). Hangout With Your Friends: In a moment like this, you need to avoid being isolated because that’s what the sad feeling will want you to do and you shouldn’t obey such feeling. Go out to spend time with your friends.

The more you distract your mind from the pains, the faster you heal up.

This is one reason I often counsel people not to discard their friends when dating someone. Such a decision can hurt you badly later.

If you avoid all your friends because of someone whose shoulder will you lean on if you find yourself in this kind of situation?

b). Talk To Yourself: I discovered that speaking positive things to yourself helps a lot in situations like this because it helps in repositioning your mind and emotions.

Instead of crying and complaining, move to the mirror, admire how lovely God created you, then speak words of encouragement and healing to yourself.

The more you speak to yourself, the more your ears listen to those words, and the better you become.

c). Avoid an environment that reminds you: Consciously avoid an environment that will make you think of the person always.

Avoid listening to cool songs or blues that will make you think or shed tears.

Back then in the university, a friend of mine was seriously in love with a lady, but along the line, the lady got married to another guy and it broke my guy’s heart, and it affected every part of him.

Every night, my friend will drown himself in one of these cool rock songs and all he was thinking about was this lady.

Blues music is wonderful but at this point of your life, avoid it at all costs even if it’s a gospel song because it may likely drown you into many emotional pains.


Don’t you think showing care at this point will hurt you more?

Don’t you think taking his calls and visiting him will hurt you more?

Don’t you think visiting him will deepen the wound and make it impossible for you to get healed?

During break up, the person who loves and cares more is the one who gets hurt the most, and still the one who finds it hard to let go.

Even when heartbroken, they still want to show some care to the one who broke their heart.

For the fact you don’t want to see them get hurt, you unconsciously give them advice even when they’ve begun a new relationship. Such care is excellent, but at this point, it’s a risk to you.

Your communication level with your ex-partner should drop to the minimum with no form of remorse.

You shouldn’t call and to a large extent don’t pick his or her calls because it will help your recovery.

Put an end to every form of care at this point because showing care to someone who broke your heart will do nothing but deepen the emotional pains in your heart.

You need to preserve the little piece of your heart.

If you continue with such an act, the pain may deepen to where it will become too hard for you to overcome because you will think about that person often, and that’s not good for you. Because you may start experiencing one of the things listed in the 7 things that may happen to you if you hold on to the pains if you continue with the care. 

Let go of the person completely by showing no form of care for your own good.

If you don’t stop the care, you may start experiencing some things listed in the 7 things that may happen to you if you hold on to the pain.


Don’t be quick to start a new relationship.

Take your time to reflect on yourself and everything that happened, to see where you missed it.

What you need now is a wonderful friendship because that will give you the opportunity to heal properly.

Do yourself the favour of moving on. Take your time to apply the 6 practical steps of overcoming heartbreak.

You should understand that getting over this emotional pain will take you some time. So be patient with yourself.

I trust God this piece of information was helpful to you, and if there are other practical steps I didn’t mention, please do well to comment on them in the comment section.

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Thank You!

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