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What is the point of starting a relationship when you know it will end?

After starting a relationship with someone you love, the next desire of your heart is for the relationship to lastBecause no one starts a relationship for it to end.

Even though the desires of your heart crave a long-lasting relationship and probably the one that leads to marriage, there are certain characters or things that you do that may destroy your relationship.

Let us carefully look at the 5 things you do that can destroy your relationship.

1. Pride:

Pride is an attitude that makes you feel more important than your partner. It creates a gap between you and your partner, destroying intimacy, trust and peace in your relationship.

Pride can kill your relationship faster or more slowly than you think.

A relationship should provide a stable ground for humility to reign because that’s when love will comfortably grow.

When pride rules your relationship, it will kill the relationship gradually.

Arrogance has a way of killing the passion in a relationship because you can’t be comfortable in an arrogant environment.

When you find it difficult to admit your wrongs and apologize for them, you are proud. And such an attitude can lead to the end of the relationship.

You should learn to put the needs of your partner before yours and don’t always strive to win an argument to feel superior to your partner. Don't let ego kill your relationship!

If you need your relationship to grow and last, then you need to stay humble to your partner because you won’t like to continue in a relationship where your partner feels more special or important than you.

A relationship where both partners are humble towards each other shows they respect each other emotionally and otherwise. And it makes the couple grow and build in harmony.

Even the bible asked a vital question. Can two walk together except they agree? The answer is ‘’NO".

Most times, people become proud because of the insecurities in them and it is harmful.

2. Unforgiveness:

Forgiveness is the most important part of your relationship. It is the act of putting your partner’s mistakes and negative behaviours behind and moving on.

Holding on to grudges has a way of killing a relationship because it will create tension and a frightening environment in the relationship.

When you are always fond of holding the mistakes of your partner to heart, you are indirectly building up a time bomb that will explode someday and destroy you both.

Learn to forgive your partner!

Relationship is beautiful when both parties display a forgiving spirit.

Let me ask you a question!

a). How do you feel holding grudges in your heart?

b). Do you feel at peace within yourself?

c). Do you feel comfortable with your partner?

Holding grudges in your heart against your partner will make you feel miserable, uncomfortable, and kill the peace in your heart to continue the relationship.

When you constantly remind your partner of the mistake, he did in the past; it shows you are yet to forgive him.

Like the saying goes, Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free, not knowing the prisoner is YOU.

3. Prolonged Quarrel:

Fighting in a relationship is normal, and it is the healthiest aspect of any relationship because it shows you guys aren’t ignoring the problems staring at your relationship but doing everything possible to resolve them.

Even as fighting is normal in a relationship, it becomes bad when it is common. Any little talk, it always ends in quarrelling.

When you prolong quarrelling, it weakens the relationship, making it difficult for peace to reign in the relationship.

When quarreling becomes a lifestyle in your relationship, peace will naturally become scarce in it.

Don’t allow quarrels to last more than 10mins, always fight to resolve them.

I rarely don’t enjoy misunderstanding in my relationship to grow beyond the point it started, I can’t withstand it.

If I force myself to stay angry after begging repeatedly with no result, the pains might grow into hatred and at certain times, that’s the end of the relationship.

Since I know my kind of person, I always do everything possible not to prolong the quarrel.

You should be quick to resolve any form of misunderstanding in your relationship because the more the issue lingers, the greater the chances for the relationship to torn apart.

Instead of staying moody and threatening the joy in your relationship, confront your partner with what is bothering you so you both can resolve it, and strengthen it.

4. Inability to start or contribute to a conversation:

Communication is one thing that builds the bond between couples and reveals themselves to each other.

A relationship where communication is lacking will struggle to stand.

When you start a relationship, aside from the romantic connection between you and your partner, what you guys will do mostly is TALKING. 
Simply talking to each other almost all the time.

How do you feel when you are the one doing all the talking whenever you spend time with your partner? I guess bored, right!

When your partner is the one doing all the talking and you don’t start a conversation or contribute to it, he will feel bored and tire of spending time with you. And in no time, your partner will start looking for someone that won’t make him bored.

Learn to always contribute to a discussion, and when you noticed your partner has nothing else to say, start a topic to keep the discussion going.

Try not to be a boring person to spend time with!

5. Fault Finding:

The act of looking for faults in your partner can slowly ruin your relationship without you knowing it.

Fault finding is a terrible attitude to form in a relationship because it kills love by denying it the freedom to grow.

When you constantly judge your partner’s actions because of his past mistakes, he will soon start avoiding you.

The fact someone you loved in the past did something wrong to you doesn’t mean you should expect to see such mistakes in your relationship.

We all have the tendencies to make a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you should carry a searchlight hoping to see those faults in your partner.

Don’t become a detective in your relationship, create a peaceful atmosphere for your partner to breathe freely without the feeling of constant guilt.

Note the “5 things you do that can destroy your relationship” discussed above, and if you are a victim of them, try your best to change from them so your relationship can last and produce the fruits you desire.

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Thank you!

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