A relationship is one thing that adds colour to life, and it is about two people. Two people that love and respect each other and have decided to be committed to each other’s feelings for a long time.

If you know you have found that special person you want to share your life with, it’s important you share your past, present and future with the person hiding nothing from the person. And you need to be honest about it!

Honesty is a great virtue you should not neglect in a relationship

Courtship is the best time where lots of discussion and questioning need to be done because it is the time to settle lots of things concerning your relationship and marital life.

There are certain things you need to open up and share with your partner so that he or she will have the freedom to open up to you too. And that will put you both on the same page.

Don’t hide things from the person who matters so much in your life because if you refuse to share the significant things of your life with your partner, you may cry for it when you get married.

These are the 7 Things You Shouldn’t Hide From Your Partner.

1. Don’t hide your genotype and blood group from your partner:

Genotype is the genetic makeup of an individual, with a reference to an entire complex of traits.

Your genotype is where your completely heritable genetic identity is located, and it’s good you discuss it with your partner.

If you are SS, let your partner know. No matter what your blood group is, don’t keep it a secret in your relationship.

Sincerely, one of the first things to discuss before starting a relationship should be matters that concern your genotype and blood group because it will save you from futuristic pains.

That’s why it’s good you know your genotype and blood group before going into a relationship. It’s one factor that decides marital compatibility.

2. Don’t hide your past life from your partner:

In a relationship, there is certain information about your past you shouldn’t keep from your partner.

Information about your past: when heard outside the relationship that has the tendency to break your relationship, you shouldn’t keep them from your partner.

4 Reasons you should reveal your past to your partner.

a).Trust: When you tell your partner about your past life, to a large extent in most cases, it brings trust in the relationship.

b). Defend: It is easier for your partner to defend you from mockery because of your past mistakes if he or she knows of your past.

Also, it will help your partner to protect him or herself against haters that will want to use the information of your past life to break the relationship.

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c). Help: Someone who truly loves you will do everything possible to help you change from your past, mostly when you are addicted to something.

d). To Know Your Partner: Certain times you will never know how mature and strong someone is until they are told some level of information.

When you tell your partner about your past, it will give you the opportunity of knowing how mature and morally strong your partner is.

If you are not a virgin, why pretend to be one?

If you were engaged in sexual immoralities in the past, why pretend to be someone who has lived a decent life all along?

Pretence is burdensome. Instead of going through such a life, come out plainly and tell your partner about your past, if he can’t accept you with those scars and walk you through a decent future, let him go.

It is better to build your relationship on a peaceful foundation than on falsehood.

3. Don’t hide your marital expectations from your partner:

While growing up, you might have developed a series of expectations of how you want your marriage to be, and you must share these expectations with your partner.

Expectations like;

a). I want a full-time homemaker.

b). I want a wife that will give me six babies.

c). I want a man that will be the answer to all my financial needs.

d). I want a man that can cook.

e). I want a man that doesn’t watch football.

f). I want sex three times a day.

g). I want to be fed on the bed by my husband every day, etc.

These expectations in your heart should be a thing of discussion with your partner so that he can decide if he can handle or meet these expectations.

Expectations not well handled can drown a relationship because it may create the atmosphere for your partner to fail in the relationship. That’s why you must discuss them with your partner.

4. Don’t Hide Your Plans:

Your dreams of going abroad to study, becoming a business guru or whatever the dream may be, concerns both of you in the relationship, and they need to be discussed.

If you want a long-lasting relationship, then every level of your dreams in life should a thing of discussion with your partner because issues concerning them will surely come up soon as you grow in the relationship.

One reason you need to discuss your plans with your partner is to let them think through, to know if they can withstand the pressures and demands that may arise because of your dreams.

For example, your dreams may cause you to travel far from your partner.

Can he handle a distance relationship?

Can he endure the loneliness that might arise because of the distance?

These are some reasons you need to discuss it with your partner because if you don’t do this, it may affect your relationship negatively.

5. Don’t Hide Your Weakness:

As you grow stronger in your relationship, it’s good: you openly discuss your weakness and personal struggles with your partner. Doing this helps your partner to understand you better.

When you bottle up this aspect of your relationship from your partner, you are creating room for misunderstanding in your relationship. Your partner won’t know why you act in a certain way, and this will create room for conflicts in the relationship.

Revealing your weakness to your partner is a sign of strength.

One of the people in your life who ought to know every part of you should be your partner because he owns the privilege of defending you from getting hurt.

6. Don’t Hide Your Opinions About Your Partner:

If there are certain things about your partner you aren’t clear about or certain habits he’s displaying that you don’t like, speak it out.

Bringing a matter that concerns your partner before him, shows that you value and respect him and that you want the relationship to last. This will create a vital room for your partner to do the same.

Instead of frowning and creating opinions and assumptions in your head towards your partner, bring the issue up so he can explain and make things clear. But you need to do this in meekness and not in a way to will look like criticism.

7. Don’t Hide Your Financial Level From Your Partner:

Many have made the mistake of trying to live larger than their financial level just to impress the person they are in love with, and they are crying for it in marriage.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner about your financial situation. If she can’t accept you like that, let her go because you don’t need such a person in your life.

Why should you live your life trying to impress a lady when you know your financial life can’t sustain it? Instead of borrowing money to keep up with it, stop!

What do you think will happen to the relationship when she finally discovers the lies?

How do you think she will look at you when all you have been saying and doing are just fantasies?

Instead of building your relationship on lies and fantasies, plainly tell your partner your financial level, what you do and what you earn. If she can’t build a life with you with that, peacefully let her go because if you don’t, you will pass through stress trying to please her.

Love covers a multitude of sins, but love doesn’t make us stupid and dying in silence. Speak out!

If you want a long-lasting relationship, try your best not to build your relationship on secrets but on openness because secrecy to a large extent destroys relationships.

Take your time to go through the above 7 things you shouldn’t hide from your partner and take the steps in your relationship. And if you think I didn’t add some significant things not to hide from your partner in a relationship, please do well to comment on them in the comment section.

Meditate on these things and share. Thanks.

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