There are certain things men desire from women and would want them to do, but they may not say it verbally.

Men won’t want to appear too needy and demanding, so they will want their partners to be more sensitive to figure out these desires.

They don’t want to be tagged as insensitive and nagging fellows if they voice out these needs to their partners and end up misinterpreting their intentions. So they act like all is okay with them.

Men have unexpressed desires in their hearts they want their partners to notice and fulfil willingly without fighting for it.

Below are some of the unexpressed needs men want from women.

1. Men love to feel wanted:

Just the way women desire to feel wanted by men, men also desire to feel wanted by women, mostly their partners.

Men love the feeling when their partner yearns for them. It makes them feel valued.

Men hate to be ignored by their women; it kills their morale because it makes them feel undesired and unwanted. Even if they act like all is ok, deep down in their heart, they aren’t ok with it.

Make your man feel wanted and desired, and watch the way he will lavish his attention on you.

2. Men want to be respected:

Respect is a big social currency for men; it is one thing they don’t joke with, even if they won’t voice it out because to them, respect is love.

Every man wants to be respected by their partner, and when they don’t get this respect from their partners, it kills their ego or self-esteem.

Give a man respect and he will unconsciously open his heart to you without resisting because respect is one key to a man’s heart.

3. Men want to be complimented and admired:

There’s hardly anyone that doesn’t want to be complimented and admired and men desire this too.

They want to be complimented by their partner and also want to be seen as handsome and good looking.

When they do anything positive, they want to be complimented for it, even if what they do isn’t big.

When they attempt to look good, they silently desire for their partner to tell them they look good, and guess what! Such compliments and admiration will boost their confidence throughout the day.

If you don’t know how to do this as a lady, please start practicing it and watch how your man will glow with joy.

4. Men want a companion:

Men want someone they can spend their intimate moments with, and this doesn’t always involve sex.

To them, companionship isn’t just to be with someone, but to be with someone they love, value and appreciate. Someone they love to spend quality time with, have deep intimate conversation with.

Companionship relieves men of so many stress and only the women they love, value and admire can offer them this.

As a lady, learn to be a delightful companion to your man because it’s worth it.

5. Men want their women to look good always:

Men take high notice of the appearance of the women in their lives. It is something they don’t joke with!

Men want their ladies to look good at every point in time, even if the lady is at home.

They want to take pride in their ladies, and when their ladies aren’t looking good, some feel ashamed.

As a lady, the way you dress matters a lot because you are representing the man in your life. Don’t walk around the street tying wrappers on your chest or with rough hair.

Don’t walk around saying you don’t care the way people look at you because your appearance will either bring honor and respect to your man or bring him shame. Take pride in the way you look because your man will love that.

6. Men want their lady to encourage and believe in them.

A man wants his lady to be a source of encouragement to him, not the one that will use any means to discourage him.

Men want a lady that won’t give up on them but constantly believe in their dreams, irrespective of the obstacles.

To a large extent, the world isn’t friendly to men and the challenges are constantly pilling up for them, and they need lots of encouragement from their partners to stay stronger.

Anytime you attack his dreams, you are discouraging him!

Anytime you belittle him, you are discouraging him!

As a woman, aside from God, be the second source of encouragement in the life of your partner.

Speak words that will lift his spirit daily to him and not words that will kill his zeal to pursue his plans in life.

7. Men want to be appreciated:

How do you feel when someone appreciates for what you do? Good, I guess!

That feeling you get as a woman when someone appreciates you, your man also desires to have that same feeling without fighting for it.

A man wants to be appreciated by his lady irrespective of how little it is.

That little sacrifice your man does to make you happy, appreciate him because the woman who appreciates minor acts of kindness will always get more without struggling for it.

8. Men want peace of mind:

Another thing a man craves for from his lady is peace of mind

A man doesn’t want to come home after the day’s challenges to come and meet a war zone in the house.

Don’t nag your man; don’t make life become difficult and miserable for him because doing such will affect you too.

9. Men want their lady to be strong:

I am sure you have heard of the saying that says “behind every successful man, is a woman” but sincerely, behind every successful man, is a strong woman. A woman that stood with the man through the tough seasons of his life, a woman that neglect the mockery of the environment.

Men want the women in their lives to be strong mentally, intellectually, financially and spiritually because this world is full of challenges, and as they are doing everything possible to shield you from pains, they also want you to watch their back.

So as a lady, you need to develop yourself, stretch yourself to be better each day, and to be strong for yourself and for the man in your life. Be the strong lady behind your man’s back!

10. Men want a homemaker:

Men want their woman to be a homemaker. A lady that can take care and build his home.

As a lady, you need to know how to take care of a home, know how to cook and how to keep the house clean because men want their women to be a keeper of their home.

Slowly go through the 10 things men want from their women but won’t say it, to remind yourself always as a lady of the right things to do to put your man in the right part in your relationship.

And if there are other points you think I didn’t add to the above points, please comment on them in the comment section to spice up this article.

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Thank you and God bless!

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