To enter a relationship is to entrust your heart to the hands of someone. And when you entrust your heart into the wrong hands, it will be crushed. That’s why you need to be careful who you date.

In a relationship, nobody is perfect, but there are vital signs that can destroy you and the relationship you shouldn’t ignore because if you do, you may find yourself in heartbreak.

There are certain people you shouldn’t date if you don’t want to experience emotional trauma, and below are 12 people you shouldn’t date.

1. Don’t date someone who isn’t clear:

One thing that set a healthy sound foundation for a relationship
 is clarity.

Avoid dating someone who is clear, 
always avoiding and ignoring your questions about their past, present and future.
When a direct question is thrown at them for a sincere answer, you hear them make statements like “when we get to that bridge, we will cross it”, all these are red flags that may tell on you later on.

2. Don’t date someone who’s proud:

Pride is one of the killers of a relationship and dating someone 
who’s proud is dangerous to you.

When you commit your heart to a proud and arrogant person, 
you are putting yourself at risk because it will crush your emotions and self-esteem.

3. Don’t date someone who doesn't accept their mistakes and apologize:

A relationship isn’t always rosy because there will be times where there will be some misunderstanding and quarrelling but the offender should be able to apologize.

If the offender cannot apologize for the offence, the misunderstanding may linger.

So avoid dating someone who can’t accept their wrongs and apologize for them but point the accusing finger, because if you do, you may suffer for it later on.

4. Don’t date someone who hasn’t overcome their past hurt:

Entering a relationship with someone who’s yet to overcome their past hurt, may put you at risk because there’s every chance you may be compared to the person who hurt them.

This will do more damage to you than good because you may start paying for what you know nothing about.

5. Don’t date someone who lacks self-control:

Self-control is one of the strengths of genuine love because without it, love to a large extent will love its value.

Don’t date someone who doesn’t have control over their mouth, emotions and actions because it may harm you greatly.

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6. Don’t date someone who is hardly around:

Avoid dating someone who is selfish, who doesn’t call or text you. Someone who doesn’t check on you shouldn’t be considered for a relationship.

They only call you when they need something from you, when they miss you.

They don’t make you feel love and special, and they are not 
there when you need them most and when you ask them why they aren’t checking up on you, they will always say “I was busy”.

7. Don’t date someone who only makes you feel special when you are around them:

Avoid dating someone who only makes you feel special and loved when they are with you, but when they are not around you, they treat you like you don’t exist.

8. Don’t date someone who doesn’t listen:

Listening is one of the vital elements 
that resolve conflicts and helps to build understanding in a relationship, and when it’s lacking, the relationship will suffer in the hands of conflicts.

So avoid dating someone who doesn’t listen to you when you talk, doesn’t listen to your emotions etc. 
because it will be hard for you to resolve issues when they arise.

9. Don’t date someone who is too conscious of themselves:

Avoid dating someone who cares about their own self alone, not minding the people around them.

They are fond of expecting people to listen to their problems, always demanding for attention, and want their needs to be meant, but when the time for them to help, they suddenly act busy feeding you with I don’t care attitude.

10. Don’t date someone who has trust issues:

Trust is a vital element in a relationship, but when one partner has trust issues, the relationship will be unstable.

Avoid dating someone who finds it hard to trust due to their past experiences. 
They are always suspecting and assuming your actions making it difficult for you to breathe peacefully.

11. Don’t date someone who doesn’t meet their own set goals:

Avoid dating someone who can make things sound sweet and easy with lots of big ideas, visions and plans, but when it’s time to execute them, they lack the efforts by making excuses.

Avoid dating someone who finds it hard to trust due to their past experiences. They are always suspecting and assuming your actions making it difficult for you to breathe peacefully.

12. Don’t date someone whose attention is for everybody:

Don’t consider a person who gives attention to everyone who crosses their part for a relationship because such a person will probably cheat on you without thinking.

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