Having issues in your relationship is something you may not really get rid of but how you handle them will determine how long it will last.

One thing that destroys a relationship faster is prolonged conflicts. When you constantly neglect to settle the issues in your relationship, you are putting the future of your relationship at risk.

Conflict resolution is important, but resolving issues early in your relationship is much better because it has positive effects on the relationship.

Resolving issues early in your relationship is something you should learn to do and below are some reasons;

1. To have a sound sleep:

When you are not on good terms with your partner, it is almost difficult to have a good sleep at night because your heart won’t be at peace, thinking of the confusion in your relationship.

So you need to resolve the issues in your relationship so you can sleep healthy. Not sleeping well at night isn’t good for your health.

2. To prevent you and your partner from being tempted:

When conflicts stay longer than expected, there’s a tendency to look for comfort outside the union, and most times this comfort can cause cheating. That is a problem!

When an outsider gives you or your partner a shoulder to lean on, cheating can result from there.

So, fix the issues or problems in your relationship and do it early.

3. So smaller issues won’t grow bigger:

When you keep avoiding issues instead of resolving them, they can grow into a bigger, more complicated issue, taunting the peace of your relationship.

4. To show how much you value and respect what you both have:

Sincerely, how quick you resolve the issues in your relationship will show how much you value and respect your relationship.

If the relationship is of great value to you, you will do everything possible to resolve the conflicts between you and your partner quickly.

5. For the sake of peace:

Peace is a vital ingredient that beautifies a relationship, and if that peace isn’t there, the relationship loses its taste.

As a married couple, your home should be filled with peace, and always come back home to find it there. One thing that kills peace in a home is unresolved issues.


6. For the sake of your children (if you are married):

This point is specifically for married couples because you can’t parent a child healthily if you and your partner are not on good terms with each other.

When conflict rules a home, the children suffer the most.

7. So you both won’t drift apart:

As each day passes by without you guys talking to each other, you are gradually drifting apart and soon, one or both of you will start losing interest in each other.

This is when you will hear someone say “I felt nothing for him anymore” or “I fell out of love for him”.

8. To teach yourself the act of reconciliation:

Resolving issues in your relationship should be something you need to teach yourself constantly.

When you are good at resolving issues quickly, it will become difficult for conflict to rule your relationship beyond 10mins, and this will teach you how to have a strong relationship.

9. To focus your mind on building:

There might be things you would love to do together with your partner, things like investing in a business idea, or whatever positive thing, but as long as there are issues in the relationship, it may affect those things.

Also, the conflict will affect you both growing and building the relationship together.

10. To stop misinterpretations and assumptions:

This aspect is funny and dangerous because as you both aren’t on talking terms, you assume and give too many interpretations to each other’s words and actions, creating more problems in the relationship.

11. To prevent resentment:

As you both continue to ignore each other, you are creating room for resentment in the relationship. Soon you both will start despising and getting offended at each other quickly.

12. To protect intimacy:

The intimacy you both share will fade away if you stay mad at each other for long.

And for the married, it will affect the sexual bond between you both, making it difficult to express love or your feelings in the relationship.

13. So you both can fulfil the vision of your relationship:

How do you fulfil the visions in your heart towards your relationship if you both are constantly at war with each other? It is almost impossible to achieve them.

14. You both won’t separate:

Unresolved issues in your relationship may cause you to end the affair because the end product of any conflict is separation.

If you want to stay longer with your partner in your relationship, then do everything possible not to allow conflicts to reign in your relationship, and resolve the negative issues early.

If you have any vital points to add to this article, please comment on them in the comment section and you can also ask your questions as well.

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