Respect is one ingredient that spices up a relationship because if couples don’t respect each other, the relationship will naturally fade away.

What is respect?

According to Wikipedia, respect, also called esteem, is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important or held in high esteem or regard. It conveys a sense of admiration for valuable qualities. And it is also honouring someone by exhibiting care, concern or consideration for their needs or feelings.

Vocabulary.com defined respect as a way of treating and thinking about something or someone. If you respect your teacher, you will admire her and treat her well.

Respect to a large extent will lose its taste if you don’t have respect for yourself because self-respect is the foundation of all forms of respect. If you don’t have respect for yourself, you can’t respect others properly and you will be taken for granted at will. So then, what is self-respect?

What is Self-respect?

According to Collins Dictionary, self-respect is a feeling of confidence and pride in your own ability and worth.

Cambridge Dictionary also defines self-respect as a feeling of respect for yourself that shows that you value yourself.

Merriam-Webster also defined self-respect in two ways:

1. Self-respect is proper respect for oneself as a human being.
2. Self-respect is a regard for one’s own standing and position.

To a large extent, the success of a relationship is self-love or respect because if you don’t respect and value yourself, no one will.

How you treat yourself, will determine how others will see you.

Let’s look at the 19 ways to respect yourself:

1. Respect people’s privacy:

Respect people’s privacy. Don’t invade their privacy unannounced because you are indirectly telling them they have nothing to do with their time and they could disrespect you for that.

If you want people to respect you, then you should learn to respect them because respect is reciprocal.

2. Don’t stay more than you should:

When you visit people, try your best not to stay beyond the required time. Always plan the time to spend in each of your visits.

When you stay longer all the time when you visit someone, they may likely start getting used to it and soon start taking you for granted.

3. Don’t be too available (Be scarce sometimes):

It is not a bad thing to be available, but when you are too available, you will lose your value.

When you are too available, it makes you look cheap. Sometimes you need to be scarce because it will increase your value.

Most times people won’t know your worth or value when they can access you too easily. Learn to know when you should be available and when you shouldn’t because if you don’t place a limit on it, you could be taken for granted.

People value things that are scarce.

Think before you speak:

Your words define you, and to a large extent, it tells people who you are. Process your words carefully in your mind before you speak them.


They call someone wise or foolish because of the words that proceed out of their mouth.

When you speak, let your words be graced with wisdom and not foolishness.

5. Treat people the way they treat you:

Most times some people won’t know their level of disrespect towards you until you feed them with the same meal.

Treat people the same way they treat you because it will help to restore some level of respect towards you. Give them the respect they truly deserve!

6. Invest in yourself:

Invest in yourself, read productive books daily to improve your mental life because it’s worth it.

Spend money on things that will productively change your life. Get busy pursuing your dreams because this life doesn’t favour those who are lazy, neither do people respect failures.

7. Confront any form of disrespect immediately:

Don’t give people the opportunity to disrespect you, confront it immediately.

When you cannot confront any form of disrespect, they will feel you are cool with it and the level of disrespect will increase.

8. Dress well:

There’s a common saying that “dress the way you want to be addressed” because aside from the way you talk, people perceive you and interpret your person based on the way you dress. Always look your best!

You don’t need to look expensive to dress well. Those little clothes you have, wash and iron them, making sure you are always neat and well presented.

9. Don’t take what isn’t yours:

When you take what is not yours, you are indirectly calling for insult.


Always ask for permission before taking what’s not yours because if you don’t, you can be seen as a thief.

10. Respect your schedule:

When you plan a meeting with someone, keep to it and try your best to keep to the scheduled time because a serious-minded person hardly takes seriously someone who doesn’t keep to time.

11. Don’t go to where you are not invited:

Don’t go to where you aren’t invited because if you do, they may disrespect you verbally and otherwise there.

Develop the habit of going to only where you are invited for the sake of respect.

12. Sop begging:

One thing that repels people from you is begging.

Begging makes you underrated, look worthless and disrespected before people. So quit begging if you want to be respected.

Whenever someone meets you, you are always in need of asking for help. People will start seeing you as a nuisance and start avoiding you like a plague.

When you are constantly begging, you are indirectly exposing yourself to all forms of abuse because begging will put you at a disadvantage where you will be despised. So stop begging!

13. Don’t entertain gossip:

Gossip is one thing that causes people to lose their respect, and you shouldn’t entertain it.

When you give room for someone to judge others, soon your story will be told to others by that same person, and disrespect often springs up from there.

14. Don’t stay in a relationship you aren’t respected:

Don’t endure a relationship where you aren’t respected because you will end up losing yourself.

Respect yourself by quitting the relationship because if you don’t quit, you will end up emotionally broken.

15. Put your best in what you do:

Whatever you do, put all your effort into it so the outcome will be wonderful.

The bible said the gift of a man will bring him before kings and not ordinary men because, when you put your best in what you do, prominent people will sort after you and that will boost your worth.

When you are given a job to do, do it as if that is the last work you have to do in this life, and your employer will respect you the most and speak well of you to others.

16. Always pay back what you owe:

When you borrow money from someone, don’t let the person constantly demand the money from you before you payback. Pay what you owe to preserve the respect the person has for you.

17. Don’t overcall someone:

Don’t have the habit of calling someone repeatedly, killing the person’s phone battery.

Such a character is annoying, and someone can disrespect you for that.

Ideally, calling someone twice is the best thing to do and if they respect or value you, they will call you back.

18. Control yourself:

One way to earn respect for yourself is by having self-control. When you have no control over your words, emotions and actions, you will naturally lose respect for yourself and before people.

Understanding yourself will help you have impressive control over yourself.

19. Be a giver:

Giving to those in need to a large extent boost your worth and it will make people have high regard for you.

You don't need to have money before you give. You can offer a word of encouragement to the discouraged, motivate the hopeless, make a sad face laugh and render support to those who need it.

Don’t always be at the receiving end, learn to give. People respect those who are givers!

Take your time to go through the 19 ways to respect yourself and apply them to your everyday life because it will help you maintain your worth as an individual.

If you have any further significant points on how to respect yourself, please do well to comment on them in the comment section.

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