12 Rules Of Success.

12 Rules Of Success.

12 Rules Of Success.
12 Rules Of Success.

Success is achieving what you aim to achieve. It is the feeling of accomplishing what you set your mind to achieve.

Success isn’t an idea but something that comes with lots of rules and hard work you must implement.

What is success for Mr. A may not be what Mr. B sees as success. You alone know what is success to you!

Success has lots of rules for achieving something, and below are the 12 rules of success.

1. Find what you want:

If you want to be successful, you must identify what you want to be successful at, because the journey of success begins with the desire to achieve something meaningful in life.

Success doesn’t begin without a vision or a mission.

You can’t leave for the market without having in mind what you are going there to buy. If you do that, you will end up buying what you didn’t plan for.

When you have identified what you want to achieve, then you think of how to achieve it.

3 things will happen to you when you know what you want to achieve.

A. You will know the direction to take: When you know what you want to achieve in life, you will know the right direction to take.

The reason people walk on the wrong path in life is that they are clueless about what they want out of life.

You can’t say you want to become a surgeon and you are taking the path of a journalist. There’s a path for every vision.

If you don’t know where you are going in life, every path will look like it.

B. It will give you the opportunity to channel your energy the right way: When you know what your mission is in life, you will not engage your energy in every matter except the ones connected to your purpose.

Many people have practically ended up in the path of failure not because they want to, but because they channel their energy wrongly.

C. You will find yourself in the right company: When you know what you want to achieve in life, it will make you selective of the people you give access to in your life.

Your choice of friends will naturally trim down to only those heading your way of success.

12 Rules Of Success.
12 Rules Of Success.

2. Focus:

Focus is the art of fixing your body, spirit, and soul on a particular thing with no form of distraction until you achieve the desired result.

Focus is the art of targeting a thing with all seriousness until you get what you want.

Focus is not the absence of distraction, but it is the art of disallowing yourself to be distracted with the purpose of getting done with what you fix your mind on.

Focus is the foundational key that brings success into the limelight because you can’t achieve anything you set your mind on if you are not consciously focusing on it.

You need to discipline yourself to focus on what you decide to achieve or bring into reality through you.

You should understand that focus is not accidental but a deliberate act.

Two ways to maintain focus.

A. Identify your distractions: If you want to stay focus on anything, you need to identify those things that easily get you distracted from pursuing your target because to be focused is not the absence of distraction, and you need to identify these distractions.

Calm yourself down and think through and probably make a list of the things that get you distracted.

B. Ignore your distractions deliberately: After you have carefully identified the distractions in your life, make a concrete decision to eradicate them from your life.

These distractions might seem good but as long as they are not giving you the right energy or zeal to pursue what you have set your mind to do, they are simply a distraction and they should be discarded.

It is impossible to win a race when you are constantly looking back.

To stay in the path of focus, you must constantly identify and erase any form of distractions. Doing this will affect your health positively because your time and energy will be channeled towards the right course.

12 Rules Of Success.
12 Rules Of Success.

3. Improve yourself:

It is one thing to identify what you want to achieve in life, it’s another thing to build yourself for it.

Success is not accidental.

He who wants to become a doctor will first attend the school of medicine and study all that is needed to become a professional doctor. There are processes you must undergo to become a doctor. You don’t become a doctor overnight.

Whatever you want to become or succeed at in life, you must constantly improve yourself at it.

Success is a function of hard work and a constant improvement of oneself. 

If you don’t commit to a life of constant studying, research and growth, then you have no business with success. Because success is not an imaginary achievement.

The end goal of success is that you become good at what you do.

We are all work in progress and you should give yourself the chance to grow each day of your life. Give yourself constant improvement.

4. Don’t chase money:

If you want to be successful in life, money shouldn’t be your primary focus. Making money your focus will land you in discouragement easily without you knowing it.

When I started blogging, I was so eager to make the money associated with blogging and when I wasn’t seeing the money rolling in as I imagined it to be; I started getting discouraged and for some period; I abandoned my desire to write.

What you should make your focus on is the impact attached to the vision or the reason you started.

Think of the joy and the lives of the people that will get blessed through you when you finally succeed in the path you have chosen. That should be your focus because that is a drive that will continually put you on your toes to be a better individual daily.

The bible said something about Jesus Christ in Hebrews 12:3, of how he despised the shame and endure the cross because of the joy that was ahead of him, how humanity will be transformed because of his death. That was the primary focus that took Jesus Christ to the cross.

So, my dear friend, if you want to be successful in this life, money shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Learn what you want to achieve, study everything that has to do with that thing, and when you’ve become good at it, money will come naturally.

Like the bible will say, seek you first the kingdom of God, and every other thing will be added unto you.

12 Rules Of Success.
12 Rules Of Success.

5. Be comfortable with anything.

Practice the art of contentment, because it is a virtue that will always keep you within your means.

Learn to be comfortable with anything, mostly the things you have.

What causes discomfort and greed most times is when the individual start admiring and craving to have what doesn’t belong to him.

Learn to be contented with what you have at the moment because that will give you the opportunity to grow little by little at your own pace.

If you are not comfortable with what you have, soon you will find yourself in a mess that will be difficult to get out of.

Success is a journey of one step at a time.

6. Laugh at everything:

The journey of success can be stressful because it will keep you constantly at the edge of work. And you need to always give yourself the opportunity to laugh through the stress to ease them from your chest.

Some years ago, I saw a little girl who feared going home because of some masquerades around her area because it was the town’s festival. So, I made a choice to walk her home.

While walking her home, we saw a masquerade walking in our direction and we had to hide behind a building (because when u get caught, you will receive a righteous flogging from them). But unknowingly to us, one of them spotted us and took the other direction to fetch us out. When I saw them, I left my mission (the little girl) and ran for my dear life. The masquerade chased me to where I fell down不. They started releasing their canes on me, but I was able to dodge all of them because of the films I watched. When I got home, I started laughing seriously不不不.

You don’t need to carry a hard face to prove to the world that you are a person on a mission. In fact, success will naturally give you a sense of humor.

One thing I have learnt in life is to always give myself good laughter. If you are close to me and you don’t experience laughing, then you are far from me yet.

On the path to success, many things will get you angry just to distract you from your journey, but just sit down and laugh through them.

I am a Christian, and at certain times, I will point you to my experience in God. When I was a teenager, I had a hilarious experience that will make you laugh but please, don’t laugh at me too much不.

As a teenager, I engaged myself in many leadership positions in church and in school. During one of my leadership roles in the church, my teenage president then said he wanted to see me and the zone or group I was heading then. When the meeting time came, one of my members stood up and said “I wasn’t an excellent leader and that I should be removed”. I got hurt so much because the person who made this statement was so close to me, like a family. When I got home, I started complaining and crying in pain. Then God said to me, “Son, it is ok” but I didn’t listen, I just wanted to cry out my heart because I know the sacrifices and pains I went through to get things done. Then God said again “son it is ok”, I still didn’t listen and when God said it is ok for the third time and I didn’t listen, suddenly I saw two rats fighting and running around me and one of them ran into my trouser and I screamed because the rat was aiming towards my P.P, immediately I got a hold of it as I jumped on the bed shivering like someone in ice. My parents ran to the room and saw me shaking and the dead rat in my trouser. They asked me what happened. I just kept silent and left the house immediately. When I left the house, I started laughing on the street because I had forgotten all that happened in church and was now thinking of myself and the dead rat. God restored my happiness by using a rat不不不.

My friend, learn to laugh because that’s an excellent medicine you can’t ignore if you want to stay fresh and focus on this journey.

12 Rules Of Success.
12 Rules Of Success.

7. Know that you can:

On the path of success, you will surely come across challenges that will whisper impossibilities to you and you must be bold enough to tell yourself that you can. 

Impossible is just a word that says ''I’m possible''. 

There’s nothing that is impossible to achieve no matter what the thing might be. as long as you set your mind on it.

When you have fully convinced yourself of what you want to achieve, take action towards getting it done. Vision without action is useless. Talk to yourself that you are well equipped to get the job done and take the right actions towards it.

8. Provide value:

Success is a path that is meant for value. A path that is only meant for those that are constantly working on themselves to give value to the world around them.

Live your life to always give value.

People naturally go to where they derived value from and not where they are constantly despised.

Don’t live your life seeking people’s attention because that will constantly make you undervalued. When you are a person of value, people will come seeking your attention.

9. Live your life without fear:

The top of the ladder of success is meant for the bold and not for the timid.

If you really want to achieve anything, you should be bold enough to take the bull by the horn.

Erase fears from your life and face what scares you.

10. Express positive energy:

No matter what the situation may be, always express positive energy.

Don’t get to the point you feel negative and hard on yourself, because that will weaken your zeal to face life boldly.

When you constantly judge yourself negatively for the wrongs you committed, you are sending a wrong signal to your health that may land you into depression.

11. Have Fun:

As you chase your dreams in life, learn to give yourself the opportunity to have some fun. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy every moment of your life.

When you keep working and not take time out to play, you are piling up loads of stress that might break you down.

12. Surround yourself with a like mind:

Surround yourself with people who are heading your way, people who will constantly keep your head fix on the path of success.

No one becomes successful alone because what we become in life can be traced to the inputs of quality people around us. You need quality people around you to become or stay successful in life.

Consciously build the right relationships around you. These relationships will always help put you on track.

Carefully go through this article to learn the 12 rules of success and apply them daily.

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