The term relationship has become a common word on the lips of everyone, especially among the younger generation.

Some dive into it without being prepared or ready for it. And when you tell them they aren’t ready yet for any relationship, it looks like you have just taken the life out of them.

Have you ever been told by someone that you are not ready for a relationship even when you look serious about it?

Have you ever bothered to ask why the person said you aren’t ready for a relationship yet?

There could be some signs the person saw that you are yet to notice.

A relationship is something you should be prepared or ready for because it will affect every part of you. And if you aren’t ready yet for it, you will unconsciously destroy good relationships that life will bring to you and blame the other party for your faults.

Funny enough, some persons aren’t ready for anything serious in a relationship, and they don’t even know that.

They feel a relationship is all about spending time together, going out on dates, kissing, and having some romantic moments together, but relationships go far beyond all the excitement in it.

There are specific signs you are not ready for a serious relationship and below are the 16 signs you are not ready for serious a relationship.

1. When you find it hard to apologize for your wrong:

When you find it hard to say sorry for your wrong, it means you are not ready for a relationship yet.

The difficulty to say “I am sorry” reflects pride.

Pride will ruin you and destroy everything you set your mind to build.

If you can’t humble yourself and take responsibility for your actions, and apologize for your wrongs, then you are proud, and you shouldn’t be thinking of building a relationship.

2. When you take a longer time to reconcile:

Conflicts or misunderstandings are bound to happen in a relationship, and how you deal with them will tell a lot about your personality.

When you find it hard to forgive and reconcile with an offender, it means you are not ready for a relationship because your partner will surely offend you in a relationship.

3. When you care more about yourself:

When you think more about yourself without considering what any other person feels, you are not ready for a relationship.

A relationship is not about you but you and your partner. It is a “WE” thing and not a “ME, MYSELF AND I” thing.

If you are always playing the victim in every situation, to shift the blame from you and to get attention, you are not ready for a relationship.

Relationship demands mutuality and togetherness, and if that is lacking in your character, you shouldn’t think of starting one yet.

4. When you care more about the opinion of others:

You should understand anything you do in life, people will always talk, and even if you decide to do nothing, people will still talk.

If you are always conscious of what people will say, you are not ready for a relationship.

If what people are saying rule your decisions in life, then you shouldn’t consider starting a relationship because that will ruin your relationship negatively.

5. When you have acceptance issues:

The foundation of any form of relationship always begins with you, and if you find it hard to accept yourself the way you are, you have no business starting a relationship yet.

People will not accept you beyond how you accept yourself.

Accepting yourself the way you are will help you know the right person to commit to in a relationship and your decision making in life.

Self-acceptance involves accepting your weakness and that of your strength without feeling inferior.

6. When you have trust issues:

If you are the type that finds it hard to trust someone, then you shouldn’t consider a relationship because you will destroy it.

When you are always looking for faults and pointing the accusing finger, you have trust issues.

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should let that rule your sanity and turn you into a detective in your relationship.

Learn to allow someone to be themselves without feeling caged around you.

Having this kind of emotional issue is a sign you are not ready to start a serious relationship yet, If someone has hurt you in the past, don’t make some else suffer for it.

7. When you still feel hurt and heartbroken:

If you are yet to heal from your past relationship, is a sign you are not ready and you shouldn’t consider starting another relationship yet.

Starting a relationship when you are still feeling heartbroken is emotionally risky because it may deepen the wounds.

Get emotionally healed before you think of starting a relationship.

8. When you have an issue with submission:

If you are the kind of person who says “I can’t submit to any man”, then you have no business with a relationship because you will frustrate yourself.

A relationship involves submitting to one another, and if you are not ready to humble yourself, you should stay far from a relationship.

9. When you find it hard to sacrifice:

A Relationship involves lots of sacrifices. The sacrifice of time, money, strength and every form of resources.

When you find it hard to sacrifice what’s precious to you to build and sustain your relationship, you shouldn’t consider a relationship.

You can’t define a relationship without mentioning sacrifice. Without sacrifice, there would be no need for a relationship.

Sacrifice makes commitment potent.

Sacrifice makes commitment valid.

A relationship is not always convenient hence the need for sacrifices.

10. When you are not growing as an individual:

Growth is not accidental but an intentional act you must take continually.

A relationship is all about growth, growing from the point of formation to the level of fulfilment. Love gets beautiful when couples grow together.

If you are not interested in growing daily as an individual, considering a relationship will be a bad idea. If your life can’t challenge your partner to improve on his or herself, then you will naturally lose your value in the relationship.

11. When you have no reason to be in a relationship:

Everything in life has its purpose, and there should be a reason for starting a relationship.

It is harmful emotionally and otherwise to start a journey with someone without a reason because that is a doorway to abuse.

12. When you have no control over your emotions:

Self-control is a vital ingredient an individual should possess, and if you lack it, then getting committed to another person will be a terrible mistake.

13. When you have unrealistic expectations:

Unrealistic expectations ruin relationships. It naturally gives room for constant fighting, arguments, pointing the accusing finger and will make you pass through emotional and mental stress.

Unrealistic expectations like;

a. He will always speak right.

b. He won’t look at anyone else except me.

c. He will always be romantic towards me.

d. He will never make me cry.

e. He will always support me no matter what, etc.

All these are unrealistic expectations in a relationship because there is are no perfect relationship anywhere. Faults and mistakes from your partner will naturally come.

Having unrealistic expectations is a sign you are not ready yet for a relationship, and it will do you more harm than the person you want to be committed to in an affair.

14. When you are always playing the victim:

When you keep playing the victim whenever an issue occurs, then you are a manipulative person and not ready for a relationship.

Having this kind of attitude is dangerous because your partner or people will emotionally suffer in your hands. They will constantly face the horror of being guilty around you.

15. When you can’t balance yourself:

Relationship comes with lots of demands, and if you get distracted by these demands and cause you to lose focus in your personal goals in life, you are not ready for a relationship.

A relationship isn’t for babies but for the matured mind. It is for those who have mastered the art of balance and focus.

So learn to separate your emotions from your goals if you want to be ready for a relationship.

16. Always want to change people:

When you always want to change something in people's life around you, it is a negative sign that you are not ready for a serious relationship yet.

Having this kind of mentality shows you are bossy, have emotional injuries and have some level of pride in yourself.

No one is perfect but, making it your focus to change anyone you come across will naturally turn you into a fault finder. Always seeing fault in whatever anyone does, thereby giving a blind eye to your imperfections.

My dear, if you have this mentality, you are sincerely not ready for a serious relationship with anyone.

Learn to accept people the way they are because it is the first golden principle of love. It is not your duty to change anyone!

Carefully go through this article to learn the 16 signs you are not ready for a serious relationship because it will save you from harm and cause you to work on yourself more.

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