A blog is a portable website where an individual can write and publish insightful information for readers to read online and get enlightened.

Blogging has become a vast occupation for any serious mind to venture into and make a living out of it.

Going into blogging can be the best decision you would ever take in your life, but if you are not well prepared, it may end up becoming frustrating to you.

Blogging is a good thing I will advise anyone who is good at writing quality information to go into, but there are things to know before you start blogging because if you don’t know these things, you will end up doing things that will frustrate your decision and get you discouraged.

If you are a beginner in blogging or you are about starting a blog, this article is for you. I will write about the 10 things to know before you start blogging.

What I will share in this article are things I wish I knew before starting my blog. If I had known these things, it would have saved me from the mistakes I made when I started.

10 things to know before you start blogging.

For beginners, blogging can be so exciting, but if you don’t know some specific things before you start blogging, you will just be rejoicing in errors without knowing.

Enough if the talking, let’s look at the things to know before you start a blog.

1. Don’t start a blog to make money.

I know you want to start a blog with the aim or purpose of making money online, but that shouldn’t be your driving force for starting a blog.

When money is your driving force for starting a blog, you might easily get distracted and quit blogging.

What should be your driving force should be affecting and educating the lives of your readers through your blog posts, and when that is achieved by, money will come sooner than you expect.


2. Decide your niche of operation.

A niche is like a path you have decided to write on. It is a pathway you have carved out for yourself, intending to be unique.

Don’t just rush into picking a niche for your blog, sit down and do a self appraisal of yourself to know what you are good at, and decide if you can easily develop contents in the area of your passion. If you can do that, then it’s not wrong making your passion your blog niche.

Niche examples are Many but to understand this section, I will list just two of them.

A. Fashion blog.

This blog niche focuses on fashion and everything about fashion. Any content created and published in this blog is related to fashion because that’s what the blog is all about.

B. News blog.

This is a blog that focuses on publishing news contents or articles. Whatever contents they publish is all about enlightening people about the happenings around.

I can go on and on pointing out niches examples to you to make you understand better.

Before you decide on the area to focus on in your blog, make sure you have conducted a proper research on what that niche entails and if you can easily get contents for it otherwise, you will just be starting off intending to fail.

3. Decide to write quality contents.

What beautifies a blog is writing contents and not just writing contents but quality contents.

You should be ready to develop high-quality contents for your blog. A content that’s original filled with off insightful information that gives value to your readers.

Before you write an article, make a deep research about that topic, then develop a quality contents different from the ones you’ve read.


A content is the life of your blog, and without it your blog is empty. If the contents are not worth it, readers will easily avoid your blog like a plague. Be committed to developing a high useful content to engage your readers positively.


4. Don’t copy other people’s work.

I singled out this point because it’s important you know that copying some else’s work to publish in your blog is an intellectual offense.

Google frowns at plagiarism. It is against content writing and it is not good for your blog because the original writers may or will do everything possible to bring down that post if you get caught.

Blog posts are to be original. Original articles give you the opportunity to leverage on many positive opportunities that will help the health of your blog.

I know it is almost impossible to have 100% original content because of the numbers of contents on the internet, but do well to re-edit and add things into what you are about to write to make it look original and different.

5. Give yourself to constant study and research.

The internet is a big place and you should constantly be up to date with the happenings around your niche otherwise you will be outdated without knowing it.

You must always study and make research in the area of your niche to always come out fresh and deep. Doing that will make your readers see your blog as a place where value is given.

Every valuable site you see on the internet invested lots of energy on their site to standout. That’s something you should do always!

One thing constant research does as long blogging is concern, is it makes you fresh whenever you are writing an article, and also makes you an authority in your niche.

“Be an authority in your niche”.


7. Be ready to build your target audience around your niche.

Every niche in life has their own target audience and you should identify yours and build it if you must succeed effortlessly in it.

Your niche can’t be about politics and you targeting sport people as your target audience. You will lose at the end because you are targeting the wrong audience.

“Your articles should be written with your target audience in mind”.

When you have successfully identified your target audience, write targeted articles, build groups, forums to gather them, and create a way to always feed them with your blog posts. Doing this will help you grow together with your audience.

7. Learn SEO, Keywords research and backlinks.

Seo, keywords and backlinks are the three most important elements that will make you succeed in blogging. You need to know them before starting a blog.

No one goes to the market to buy goods without having money, so it is for content writing. You can’t start writing a blog post without keywords research, otherwise your post won’t be seen.

A proper keywords research will give your post free organic views and if you don’t know how to do it, your blog will lack these organic views.

Building backlinks to your blog will help to boost the status of your blog in search engines. There are platforms that offer quality backlinks services but you need to be careful on the backlinks you use so you won’t hurt and crash your blog.

Learn how to do a proper keywords research and backlinks building as a beginner because it will boost your success rate in blogging.

8. Be focus.

As a beginner in blogging, you will face lots of discouragement and stress, but you need to be focused on the reason you started.

“Nothing good comes easy”.

All the successful bloggers you see out there, they didn’t get there overnight, but they constantly pushed through to create a good blog for their audience or readers.

Whatever niche you have decided to write on, focus on it. If your blog is focused on relationship, don’t start writing about politics because your readers will end up seeing you as a confuse blogger.

9. Connect with other bloggers.

There’s a common saying that “iron sharpens iron”. Connect yourself with other bloggers, mostly those that are more knowledgeable than you about blogging because it will help to improve your knowledge about blogging.

There are bloggers groups on the internet where blogging tips are given for free, search them out and connect with them.

10. Get a Coach.

The need for a coach cannot be overemphasized because it is needed in every aspect of life.

A coach will patiently teach you what he or she knows and guide you from making the mistakes they made in blogging and as well teach you to become a professional in it.

Some persons will willingly coach you for free, but most of them will charge you for a fee. Even if the coach will teach you for free, you need to show appreciation.


Before you start a blog, take out time to learn and implement these vital points in written in this article. It will help you not to make the certain mistakes I made when I started and I wish I knew these things before I started blogging.

I hope this piece of information was helpful to you and if it does, please do well to comment your thoughts and questions on the comment section.

Please don’t forget to share this article and follow this blog. Thank you!

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