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Hello, welcome to ebisorogun.com, and thanks for stopping by.

I am Orogun Abraham from Delta State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of psychology from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma Edo State Nigeria. I am a counselor, a people person, a blogger, a lover of artworks, and a simple-minded person.

This website came into existence because of my love for writing, solving individual, money, blogging issues, and relationship issues.

Ebisorogun is a platform for blogging on relationship matters and developing tips on how to solve these issues and have a healthy relationship thereafter.

And for the individual aspect of the blog, we develop motivational tips on how to become a better individual to yourself and society at large.

We give out useful tips on how to earn money online and practical business tips that will benefit your business goals in life.


We aim at becoming the number one best platform on the web reaching out to both the young and old in a relationship, bloggers, motivational mindsets, business, and money-minded people.

I hope you enjoy the insightful information on this blog as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have questions and suggestions, please do well to contact us.

Thank You!



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